My goal is to create unique pieces that stay true to the wood and craft.

Welcome. My name is Manny Bolaños. Though I enjoyed woodworking in my youth, it wasn’t until 7 years ago, when my wife and I moved into a new home, that I had the space for a dedicated woodworking shop. Starting with some basic tools I searched high and low for a design that appealed to me and set out to recreate it.

I discovered that not only was I able to accurately recreate furniture, but that the process was rewarding. I was hooked. My attention quickly shifted to designing and creating unique, contemporary pieces. I soon found every free moment I had was spent woodworking in some capacity. I would research joinery and design techniques, search through every resource to find new interesting designs, research and purchase new tools, work with new wood species, and my favorite, design and build new pieces. My goal is now, as it was then, to create unique pieces that
stay true to the wood and craft.

I am currently, and plan to continue being, a one-man shop. This allows me to focus on uncompromising quality, design, and technique. My business and website are in their infancy and hopefully my pieces strike a cord with people. Some pieces are currently available for shipment now. Custom made pieces will require some additional lead time. It’s unclear what will become of this venture. What is clear is that woodworking allows me to do something that I love and give people something that brings them joy.